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Specialty Folding Examples at Rickard Bindery

Specialty Folding at Rickard Bindery

Specialty folding encompasses more than automatically producing “tricky” folds. Should the ability to reduce or eliminate wrinkling qualify as specialty folding? What about holding brittle paper together as it travels though fold rollers and designing fold sequences that travel through machinery with the least amount of stress? Yes, these are examples of specialty folding.

Sometimes specialty folding is simply the ability to work with thick, thin or unusual paper stock. Specialty folding experts need to know what pieces of equipment are suitable for which jobs. For example, buckle folders don’t do well with stock 12-points or thicker, but plow and knife folders do. Knowing which resource to use prevents a lot of potential snags from becoming full-blown production problems. Some types of unusual miniature and oversized designs qualify. So does the inline application of glue, regardless of whether it’s ez-release, permanent or removable.

The Rickard Bindery Specialty Folding Advantage

Does your specialty folding project involve 16 accordions, iron crosses, pop-ups, swingers, uneven die cuts, or other unusual designs? Whatever your specialty folding challenge, Rickard Bindery strives to offer you an efficient solution. When others say, “It can’t be done,” remember your friends at Rickard Bindery.