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Ricard Bindery

Give Your Jobs the Shapes They Deserve!

Inline Die Cutting at Rickard Bindery

Can Rickard Bindery die cut inline with either saddle stitching or folding services? Last year, no. Today, yes!

Rickard Bindery has installed a high-speed production line that trims, die cuts and punches folded, glued or stitched forms inline with folding or stitching operations. Flat sheets are no problem either.

A common use for our new inline die cutting system is to take multiple-up folded or stitched material and convert it to one-up final-sized die cut products with backbones as small as 2-1/2 inches. The net result for you is folded-and-die cut or stitched-and-die cut products produced inline with unbeatable quality at competitive prices.

     38-sec video: 4-up, 12p self cover booklet, stitched & trimmed to final size

Rickard Bindery’s production speed is attractive too. We can produce more than 100,000 pieces of some fold and die cut jobs in a single shift.

The Rickard Bindery Inline Die Cutting Advantage

At Rickard Bindery, we offer high quality inline die cutting solutions with either folding or saddle stitching equipment. If you think giving your project the shape it deserves is cost prohibitive, call your friends at Rickard Bindery. You might be surprised.