Helpful Hints

Ricard Bindery

An attaching sample produced in Rickard Bindery’s conveniently-located Chicago manufacturing facility.


Welcome to this month’s issue of our continuing Helpful Hints series. If you have any comments about today’s topic or suggestions for future ones, please let us know by e-mailing Kevin Rickard.

Before we begin, here’s a message for our customers and industry friends in Illinois and nearby states: Change happens. If you need a new attaching service provider, please think of Rickard Bindery.

A New Rickard Bindery Video

Here’s a short 45-second video of Gary Junge, estimating team leader for Rickard Bindery, showing attaching samples produced in the company’s Chicago manufacturing facility.

Small is the New Large

Few bindery formats enable a lot of content, such as product instructions, to fit neatly into a small printed space. At Rickard Bindery, we can attach information-laden small format folded pieces (down to 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″) to a carrier substrate. This is terrific for many pharmaceutical and small consumer product packaging applications.

Inline Production Advantage

Some binderies can attach. Others can attach pieces as small as we can. But attaching and then folding the carrier piece inline? This is a real specialty service, perfect for larger production quantities. Let the Rickard Bindery production team help you automate your attaching projects, allowing you to reduce production costs and win more client work.

Location, Location, Location

Yes, our convenient Chicago location helps us efficiently serve customers on both coasts (and nearly every state and province in between) but that’s not the type of location we’re talking about right now. While attaching is a highly accurate bindery process, placement tolerances should be accounted for. Industry standard is to leave an eighth- to a quarter-inch (0.125″ to 0.25″) perimeter around your target placement location.

Two More Tech Tips

The Rickard Bindery Attaching Advantage

Aggressive delivery deadlines? Large production volumes? Tight placement tolerances? Let Rickard Bindery be your production resource for attaching folded inserts, PIs, stitched booklets, product sample packets, magnets, response mailers and more. Our versatile attaching, gluing, small format folding and pharmaceutical folding services are matched only by our expert planning and production advice. Let us help you exceed your clients’ expectations for your next attaching application.