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Ricard Bindery

An oversized folding sample produced in Rickard Bindery’s conveniently-located Chicago manufacturing facility.


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Not many companies have oversized presses. Even fewer binderies have oversized folders and poster rolling equipment. Therefore, oversized printing is not a crowded market segment. Scarcity represents market opportunity, less price competition and better margin potential.

Oversized printed products are attractive to printers because they consume more paper, ink and press time than normal-sized print jobs of comparable run lengths. Common oversized print applications include posters, store displays, promotional materials, signage, child growth charts, schematic diagrams, blueprints and maps.

Another New Rickard Bindery Video

Here’s a short 46-second video of Gary Junge, estimating team leader for Rickard Bindery, showing oversized folding samples produced in our Chicago manufacturing facility.

Definition: Oversized Folding

A folding project is considered oversized if the first fold is wider than 30-inches. Two scenarios:

Production Thoughts

You’ve printed your oversized piece. Now what? It has to morph from an unwieldy, large sheet of paper into a form that can easily be transported to, and handled by, the end user. At Rickard Bindery, your options are:

Like any other folding job, preplanning and technical knowledge are critical for ensuring customer expectations are met. For example, let’s consider a printed sheet measuring 40 x 72″. First, the narrower dimension, the 40-inch width, must fit within the mouth of the folder, meaning it must be run on an appropriate-sized piece of folding equipment. Then, six-feet of paper, all 72-inches, must work its way from the continuous feeder into the folding plates. This means six feet of stock must clear the first fold plate before the next sheet enters.

The sheer size of the printed product being handled means that the concept of “high speed” in large format folding is drastically different from the normal-sized or miniature folding worlds. When planning project turnaround times, your customers’ expectations should be set in the 1,000 to 3,500 sheets per hour range, which is far different than normal folding speeds that often exceed 10,000 sheets per hour.

The Rickard Bindery Oversized Folding Advantage

Let Rickard Bindery convert your oversized printed pieces into easily handled products. Trust our fleet of some of the largest folders available in the Midwest. Capable of folding sheets up to 44 x 80″, we can handle output from your largest oversized presses. Quantities don’t matter either. Regardless of whether your project quantity is a few thousand or a few million, we have the right oversized folders, poster rolling machines and can-do attitude to handle any job of any complexity. Give the Rickard Bindery team a call to see how we can help you win more oversized printing work.