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Ricard Bindery

As of September 2016, Emma Morano from Italy is the world’s last living person born in the 1800s and therefore the only person older than Rickard Bindery


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Rickard Bindery salutes Emma Morano from Pallanza, Italy. Born November 29, 1899, she is the world’s only living person older than Rickard Bindery. It’s probably safe to say she’s seen it all. Founded in 1900, Rickard Bindery has been folding paper for 116 years. Like Ms. Morano, we’ve seen it all too.

We’ve experienced our clients’ frustration when jobs suffer from cracking on the fold, wrinkling, push-out or a host of other bindery maladies. Being supremely service-oriented, we do everything in our power to anticipate problematic folding designs or job components and proactively suggest engineering tweaks to minimize production risk.

Sometimes unforeseen issues do rear their ugly heads in our shop, but thankfully these are rare events. More often than not, we are able to work problems until we can present reasonable solutions to our customers. Will they be perfection on Earth? Maybe yes, maybe no, but either way, they sure will be a lot better than a costly reprint. This persnickety stubbornness is the Rickard Bindery way, and in our opinion, the only way.

A New Rickard Bindery Video

Here’s a short 61-second video of Gary Junge, estimating team leader for Rickard Bindery, showing examples of folding jobs “saved” in our Chicago manufacturing facility.

Folding Design Tips That Sales People Can Pass To Designers

Help your customers reach their objectives. Here’s the most valuable basic folding tip we can offer: during the job engineering stage, hand fold a properly-sized pre-production sample on the right stock. Design challenges should become immediately apparent when you do this. Common trouble spots you may discover include:

The Rickard Bindery Lifetime Folding Advantage

Put Rickard Bindery’s eighty folding machines and an Emma Morano lifetime of folding experience to the test. Does your next job have a tricky technical challenge? A tight deadline? High volume production requirement? Bring it on! The Rickard Bindery team is up to your toughest challenges!