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Don’t let this happen to you.  Print on synthetic stock.

TIRED OF THE ELECTION? Print on Synthetic Stock

Welcome to this month’s issue of our continuing Helpful Hints series. If you have any comments about today’s topic or suggestions for future ones, please let us know by e-mailing Kevin Rickard.

Have you ever dropped useful information printed on regular paper in a puddle only to watch it transform into smudged incoherence before your eyes? If so, you understand the need for printing on synthetic stock. Unlike some candidates running for high office, printing on synthetic stocks works even when all wet.

Another Rickard Bindery Video

Here’s the latest 57-second video of Gary Junge, estimating team leader for Rickard Bindery, explaining the challenge of printing on and folding synthetic stocks.

If you’re done with this election, turn off the news and hit the great outdoors. Grab your tent, sleeping bag, libations and of course a printed trail guide. Not just any trail guide, but one printed on synthetic stock; a substrate that is extraordinarily rip and moisture resistant.

Nothing’s Perfect

The qualities that make synthetic stock so useful also present unique challenges to both printers and binderies including:

The Rickard Bindery Synthetic Paper Folding Advantage

All folding applications require careful planning and an experienced production partner to turn out properly. The challenges of working with synthetic stocks are no match for the friendly professionals at Rickard Bindery. We have more than eighty folding machines, allowing you to take advantage of our expertise in folding all types of stock.