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Ricard Bindery

Not this kind of tipsy!

Tipsy Easter Bunny?

We’re thinking of bunnies tipping on PIs (pharmaceutical or product inserts) of course. What were you thinking of?

Welcome to this month’s issue of our continuing Helpful Hints series. If you have any comments about today’s topic or suggestions for future ones, please let us know by e-mailing Kevin Rickard.

You probably think of Rickard Bindery for folding PIs and other many-paneled small format projects, but did you know we can take your job further? Let us reduce your production steps by one by tipping your folded PI project onto virtually any type of printed carrier sheet.

The Latest Rickard Bindery Video

Here’s a 54-second video of Gary Junge, esteemed estimating team leader at Rickard Bindery, showing some terrific examples of tipped on PIs produced in our conveniently-located Chicago facility.

The Big Five:

  1. Basics. PIs often need to be attached to pharmaceutical product packaging. Since pharmaceutical information content is highly regulated, special expertise is required to assure product quality and 100% job counts.
  2. Benefits. On the pharmaceutical side of the PI business, regulatory compliance is a core driver of tipped on PI jobs. However, PIs are also used as marketing communications to doctors and other clinicians. Small format product inserts have many non-medical consumer product applications as well.
  3. Variants. PIs are often, but not always, printed on uncoated stock. Thick PIs with long spines sometimes must bend during the tipping process, requiring proper job planning. Sometimes PIs require wafer sealing. Unlike direct mail applications where the USPS requires 1-1/2″ seals, we can use seals as small as 3/4″ for PI closure, saving time and money.
  4. Max & mins. PI min size: 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″. Max: 5-1/2″ x 8″. (Note: There is some flexibility with the upper dimension.)
  5. Shop talk. Attached PIs tend to be small, freeing up “communication real estate” on the carrier or package. Thick RTA (right turn angle) folding sequences need to either be sealed shut with glue, or must use layflat technology without glue prior to attaching.

The Rickard Bindery Tipping and Attaching Advantage

Aggressive delivery deadlines? Massive production volumes? Tight placement tolerances? Rickard Bindery is your resource for tipping pharmaceutical or non-medial product inserts onto a printed substrate. In addition, we can attach magnets, folded or bound pieces and a wide range of other products. Our versatile miniature and pharmaceutical folding, attaching and gluing services are matched by our expert planning and production advice. Let us help you exceed your clients’ expectations for your next tipping or attaching application.