Helpful Hints

Ricard Bindery

“Twirl baby, twirl” – Gary Junge, Estimating Manager, Rickard Bindery

Attaching Magnets and Product Packs

You may twirl the best darn pizza in the city, but it doesn’t matter much if people can’t find you. Attractive, versatile advertising magnets help customers keep your phone number, website and brand top-of-mind. Rickard Bindery attaches magnets to printed carrier pieces allowing quick and easy transport of these long lasting advertising jewels right to your customers’ doorsteps.

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Try It. You’ll Like It!

Rickard Bindery attaches more than just magnets. Product sample packs are effective promotional items but for a different reason: they allow consumers to try your product before they buy. Like magnets, product sample packs can easily be attached to printed carrier pieces and delivered via U.S. mail.

Production Tips

Whether your customer is selling pizza, insurance, shampoo, perfume or a host of other B2C products, remember to give magnets and product sample packs a twirl.

The Latest Rickard Bindery Video

Here’s a 73-second video of Rickard Bindery’s estimating team leader, Gary Junge, showing examples of well-designed magnet and product pack attaching jobs.

The Big Five

  1. Basics. Many things postcard size or smaller can be attached to a carrier substrate with appropriate glue. Rickard Bindery attaches magnets, product sample packs (shampoo, liquids, edibles and more), pharmaceutical inserts, media, coins, keys, credit cards, membership cards, postcards and other printed products.
  2. Benefits. Whether you choose a long lasting advertising piece or a try-before-you-buy sample pack, attached products help drive business.
  3. Variants. Most of the time, EZ-release glue is used during the attaching process, but occasionally permanent glue is needed for non-release applications. It’s also possible to attach three things together; for example, magnet to postcard to board weight stock works well.
  4. Max & mins. 3/16″ is approaching maximum thickness for product sample packs.
  5. Shop talk. Make sure your post press services company has the right attaching feeder for your application. CDs, keys and coins need one type of feeding unit. Pharmaceutical inserts, sample packs and booklets require another.

The Rickard Bindery Magnet and Product Pack Attaching Advantage

Aggressive delivery deadlines? Large production volumes? Tight placement tolerances? Let Rickard Bindery be your resource for attaching services. Our versatile small format folding, attaching and gluing services and machinery are matched only by our expert job planning and production advice. Let us help you exceed your customers’ expectations for your next attaching job.