CD / Magnet Attaching

CD Attaching

Getting multimedia information into the consumer’s hands is big business. Whether you need a CD placed down inside a folded mailer, inside a CD jacket or on the outside of a stitched book, we can help. Our equipment easily feeds CD’s that are sleeved in paper, Tyvek, or Yupo. Our equipment works seamlessly with a variety of fold sequences allowing for the CD to be placed on the inner most panels.  Of course, when designing any attaching project proper planning dictates allowing for a .25″ variation on all four dimensions.

Magnet Attaching

Primarily there are two obstacles to overcome when attaching magnets. First, the magnets must be supplied with the correct polarization to accommodate feeding and subsequent production processes. Second, the type of fold must be taken into consideration because of the magnet’s rigidity. This means that plow folding is frequently required so the magnets avoid folder rollers.