Oversized Folding

Rickard Bindery

Our Folding Capabilities Include:

Big presses need big folders – and we have some of the biggest in the country. Our largest folder can accommodate sheets up to 44″ x 80″. Even a common sheet size like 28″ x 40″ can sometimes require an oversized folder. For instance, if your client is trying to spice up their project, they may elect to fold the 28″ dimension in half prior to right angle folding the 40″ side. In this scenario, an oversized folder is needed.

Your friends at Rickard Bindery have ten primary oversized/map folding machines.

Some Oversized Folding Applications include:


Posters are an effective and inexpensive solution for many applications. Posters that will be bound into publications need to be folded to a slightly smaller size than the publication’s final trim size. Whether tipped onto a bindery hanger or stitched directly into a publication, posters can be easily added into the workflow of highly efficient, high-speed saddle stitching lines.

Store Displays

Our big folders produce all types of products that are used as in-store displays. Signage is the most common application. Typically signage ranges anywhere from 40 to 80 inches in length and 6 or 8 inches high. If durability is a primary concern, keep in mind that we can also fold synthetic stocks!

Map Folding

The most common oversized folding products we produce are maps (we fold them by the millions!) Typically, a map fold begins with a series of accordion folds followed by several parallel folds. There are countless configurations of map folds, so let Rickard Bindery help you craft the best possible map folding solution.