Miniature Folding

Rickard Bindery

Miniature Folding: Bottle Necker Piece

Miniature folding – whether it’s for a commercial or pharmaceutical application – is a great way to get a lot of information packed into a very small product.

Miniature Printed Products are Big Business

Wouldn’t you like to improve your company’s bottom line with high margin, frequently repeating print jobs? Would a new niche help differentiate your business? If you think miniature printing begins and ends with the pharmaceutical industry, think again.

Any printed product with one final dimension of 2½” or shorter is defined as miniature. Because so many pieces fit on a sheet, run lengths are usually short. Even if you prefer long press runs, look closer at the business of printing miniature products. With healthy mark-ups and the opportunity for frequent repeat work, miniature folding can be a boon to your bottom line.

Pharmaceutical Folding

Pharmaceutical miniature folding is a Rickard Bindery specialty. Discover how we can help you gain a foothold in this lucrative market. Call us for a quote today.

The Rickard Bindery Miniature Folding Advantage

If your company can provide the right miniature folding solution, you can win more business. At Rickard Bindery, we design and fold some of the most complicated miniature folding sequences in the country. There are many nuances to miniature folding, especially when glue is involved. Talk with your bindery experts early in the quoting process.

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