Unusual Size Stitching

Rickard Bindery

Our Stitching Capabilities Include:

Oversized stitching projects are no problem for Rickard Bindery. We frequently saddle stitch large format books – complete with bound-in oversized posters. We can accommodate up to a 19″x 24″ final sized-product. Rest assured that we have folders wide enough to accommodate the long drop of the oversized product. (Note: a 39″ wide folder is needed to fold an 8- 12- or 16-page signature with a 19″ drop.)

For products that are smaller than standard machine minimums, run them multiple up or bind them into larger size booklets. Either way, offline trimming is necessary to get them to their final size. The minimum distance between stitching heads is usually 2-1/8″. To get closer than this on products with two forms or less, find a saddle stitching company like ours that can do double stroking. Although production waste may be higher than normal, double stroking allows stitches to be placed 1/8″ apart.