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Rickard Bindery Receives 2011 Product of Excellence Award

Postpress company recognized in the stitching category for its “technically flawless” production of a challenging project

Chicago, IL – Rickard Bindery, a leading binding and finishing company with more than a century of experience, proudly announces that they have received the 2011 Product of Excellence Award from the Binding Industries Association (BIA), in the category of stitching. The Product of Excellence award is the highest award a binding or finishing company can receive from the BIA and is given only to products that are technically flawless.

The winning project, a miniature-folded office furniture catalog with a final size of 2.125″ by 2.375″, was unusual in two ways. First, it was printed on plastic stock, which is usually much more challenging for finishers to work with than standard stocks. Second, creating the finished piece’s unique trapezoidal shape required the use of special angle cuts. Using its miniature stitching heads, Rickard Bindery cut and folded a 12- and 16-page signature in a 3-up configuration for this project. After applying one stitch to each book, Rickard moved the books to flatbed cutters to make the angle cut that gave the product its distinct final appearance.

“I’m honored to receive this award on behalf of everyone at Rickard Bindery,” said Kevin Rickard, Vice President. “This project perfectly encapsulates two things that Rickard Bindery is known for: unrelenting dedication to high quality production and the ability to solve any unusual postpress challenge customers send our way. I would like to thank our client, the BIA, and, of course, our valued employees, without whom this project could not have happened.”

Each year, the BIA holds its Product of Excellence Awards to recognize the highest quality projects produced by postpress companies over the past year. The most outstanding of all entries in a category is recognized as the Product of Excellence. In the stitching category, the Product of Excellence award is given to any piece that demonstrates exactness of trim, condition, location, size, and tightness of staple, overall cleanliness in appearance.

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About Rickard Bindery
Rickard Bindery has provided advanced folding and other post press solutions for 111 years. Rickard Bindery’s services include miniature, oversized, map, gate and specialty folding, saddle stitching up to 12-pockets, loop stitching, seam, fugitive and remoistenable gluing, string tying and affixing, rotary scoring, personalized product handling, fulfillment, wafer sealing, padding and automatic shrink wrapping.